OXS-1615 and OXS-C3550

Next Generation TriKE OXS-C3350, Tetra-specific Natural Killer Cell Engager (TetraKE) OXS-1615 and Earlier Stage Product Candidates

OXS-C3550 is a follow-on to our lead TriKE, OXS-3550. OXS-C3550 contains a modified CD16 moiety which demonstrates improved binding characteristics and enhanced tumor cell killing based on functional assays and animal models of AML. We are planning to begin the IND-enabling studies mid-2018. Our TetraKE is designed for the treatment of solid tumors. It is a single-chain fusion protein composed of CD16-IL15-EpCAM-CD133. EpCAM is found on many solid tumor cells of epithelial origin and CD133 is a marker for cancer stem cells. This TetraKE is designed to kill not only the heterogeneous population of cancer cells found in solid tumors but also kill the cancer stem cells that are typically responsible for recurrences.