PainBrake® is a new patented formulation of carbamazepine (Tegretol®) that enables accurate dose fractionation for the treatment of certain forms of neuropathic pain, a condition that results from a dysfunction of nerves involved in the perception of pain and that is typically chronic and particularly prevalent in elderly patients.

To overcome dose-limiting side effects, PainBrake tablets employ an innovative bilayered, deeply scored design patented by AccuBreak. The top layer contains carbamazepine and is pre-divided by deep scoring during the manufacturing process to provide exact doses enabling easy tablet splitting into exact doses. The bottom layer provides mechanical stability and serves as the break region when splitting the tablet. We have in-licensed against milestones and royalties the worldwide rights to the use of the AccuBreak technology for the delivery of drugs that like carbamazepine are voltage-gated sodium channel blockers.  The core patent for the AccuBreak technology expires in 2025.