At GT Biopharma, Inc., we are developing innovative drugs for the treatment of cancers and central nervous system diseases.

OXS-1550 For A.L.L. and N.H.L

OXS-1550 is a bispecific scFv recombinant fusion protein-drug conjugate.

OXS-3550 For Myeloid Malignancies

OXS-3550 is a trispecific ADCC NK Cell engager (TriKE).

OXS-1615 For Carcinoma

OXS-1615 is a tetraspecific ADC in preclinical development that targets EpCAM+ present on the majority of solid tumors.

Painbreak For Neuropathic Pain

PainBrake is a new patented formulation of carbamazepine (Tegretolâ).

GTP-004 For Myasthenia Gravis

GTP-004 is a fixed dose combination tablet for the treatment of the muscle weakness.

GTP-011 For Motion Sickness

GTP-011 is a 72-hour patch patented by GT Pharmaceuticals.